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Ali Events at Lakewood is the ideal location to host your next event located in the historic Lakewood Heights, convenient to all of Metro Atlanta,. Whether it’s your dream wedding reception, mile-stone anniversary, birthday party or corporate event, at AE at Lakewood, we have exactly what you need to make your entire vision come to life.  
Boasting 5,000 total sq ft, with an open floor space of over 3,600 sq ft, Ali Events at Lakewood offers an exciting location for your most memorable events. Don’t settle for anything less than glamour and satisfaction, as our highly trained staff takes care of all your needs. Experience unforgettable moments and memories that will last a lifetime, only at Ali Events at Lakewood.


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Iwi Fresh

Raw • Home-Remedies • Skin Farming


The Iwi Fresh Farm Oasis is a social holistic retreat. This 24 hour retreat will offer meditation services, reiki, reflexology, waist beads alter, yoni steams, a Himalayan salt room, a wet room, a Farm to Skin Garden and more.


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Tassili's Raw Reality

Raw Reality Food For Thought


Tassili’s Raw Reality is a fast, casual restaurant located in Atlanta, Georgia. They specialize in raw vegan cuisine inspired by Tassili’s international palate. They provide a unique variety of raw vegan entrees like spicy kale salad, kale wraps, and more. They cater to a wide variety of people from flexitarian to vegetarian, to vegan transitional clients, to raw experts.

Tassili Ma’at passionately set out to make the best kale in Atlanta, super food that is delicious as well as healthy. Today, her brand “Tassili’s Raw Reality” is recognized around the world for the best kale in Atlanta and its attractive Afrocentric ambiance.


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The Black Coffee Company

Financial Freedom.
Community Empowerment.


Inspired by our 2015 trip to the Motown Museum in Detroit, MI, we learned how Berry Gordy’s parents worked together to create a self sustaining investment fund that provided business startup capital for all of their children and family members. It was this investment fund that provided the funding necessary for Berry Gordy to launch his Motown record label.

For us this was a divine moment of inspiration, as high school and college friends, we had always discussed different ways we could impact our world in a meaningful way, how we could demonstrate to our communities that through hard work and collective responsibility, dreams are truly achievable. Now thanks to a trip to Motown, we had the blueprint, and thus the birth of BackPack Investments (BPi), an investment club….

Which brings us to today, after 3 years building and spending hundreds of hours in meetings and on conference calls, growing our investment fund, pooling our financial resources, and career experiences we are ready to launch our business, “Black Coffee.”


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The Kindred Healing Center

A Culturally rooted integrative Mind, Body, Spirit healing Space



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The collective community in Southest Atlanta is thriving. There is no better time than now to join us.

Ali of Lakewood features businesses with great good, elegant services and space to host your next event.

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